Program Details

Training Begins February 1, 2017!

Every Sunday I will email your program to you. Copy it, put it on your fridge, and go to town! Your program starts very manageable with approx 3 workouts per week, and gradually increases as the season progresses.

It will not be an individual program designed specifically for you, but I will provide several options to choose from depending on your level of fitness and experience – and you will have unlimited access to me, to answer questions and provide support.

Some of your training will be on your own and some will be with the group. All group workouts are optional.

The swim is usually the deal breaker when it comes to doing a triathlon. If I had a nickel for every time someone said "I’d do it if it wasn’t for the swim". Let me tell you something, the swim is what MAKES it special. Imagine the feeling getting out of the water and running (or walking) up the beach with your fists high in the air! It is the greatest feeling. Don’t hesitate to sign up because you are not a good swimmer right now! If I asked most of our past participants if they were good, confident swimmers when they started, most would laugh-out-loud. Have a little faith in yourself, faith in me, and confidence in the power of a group of women on a mission. There is nothing like it. You have 6-7 MONTHS to prepare. You will be a swimmer by the time the race rolls around. You CAN do this!

So, that said, we start off the season mainly focusing on the swim.

If you are a first-timer who is a non-swimmer or a "rusty" swimmer, I will have a 6 week swimming clinic. The first timer clinic is included in your training fee. Attendance is highly recommended. We will begin in early February. I recommend that you join a facility with a pool right from the beginning to practice on your own.

Last year we had 42 first-timers and I expect this year will be about the same, so you will be in good company. However uncertain you may be feeling right now, I guarantee there are many feeling exactly the same way.

If you are a past participant, WELCOME BACK! It is always great fun to see you come back stronger and more confident that the year before.

What you will need to get started:

Fill out a new or returning member sign up form below.

My fee for the 7 month training is $395. The fee is to be paid in February. If there is a payment concern, please talk to me.

If you have any questions, contact me. I look forward to working with you.

After you have submitted a signup form, I will contact you with more details and we will have our annual "MEET & GREET" in mid-January.

Get Ready...It's Going To Be a Great Year!